You don’t need to fear the future, ever, because you’ve already been there.

You are not called to STRATEGIZE your future; you are called to DISCOVER it. God prepared works for you to do before you were born. He has your tomorrow scripted. Even martyrdom is no random event. Jesus gave Peter details about his death years in advance and told him that this was how he would glorify God. Still, Christians are nervous, and a whole armada of end time teaching is feeding believers who fear the continuing collapse of culture and emergence of an end time Babylon.

Consider if the opposite may be true:

  1. What if you were built to excel in Babylon? If as we believe “darkness shall cover the earth” then the second part is true as well – “But the Lord will rise upon you and His glory will appear upon you.” (Isa 60:2) What if the problems of the last days are actually the platform for your promotion?
  2.  You have a call on your life and a work to do. You glorify God by “finishing the work” He called you to do. (John 17:2)  The level of complexity in the problem that you solve shapes the degree of glory you demonstrate.
  3. Joseph, David and Daniel all entered their circle of greatest influence when they solved the greatest problem in the sphere they were called to occupy. Think about that. It is that way for you as well.

The key to everything is YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

  • Your assignment is an invitation to push your capacity to a new peak. Your assignment is a problem waiting for you to show up to solve it.
  • Caleb was in his 80’s when he said these memorable words, “Give me my mountain.” How did he see giants? “They shall be bread for us.” The giant problem you solve is how you get your bread. The same spirit of faith that was in Caleb is in you.
  • Fear by its very nature will paralyze you and cause you to hesitate and hold out at your present level. However, when you stop going up you stop growing up to full stature, in fact the root meaning of the word “mediocre” is “half way up” the mountain.

You can do better, no matter what level of success you have achieved because there are invisible leverage points that enable you to earn more and accomplish more with less sweat. These are called “spiritual force multipliers.” You don’t build a brilliant future by fixing your faults, but by investing time, money and training in the area of your gifts. That’s where you excel, and as a believer the place of your assignment is where the excellent spirit operates through you.



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