Don't Be AshamedYour story is more powerful than you know.

I’m studying Pixar and thinking of you and me.


1.) Once upon a time there was ___.

Every day, ___.

One day ___.

Because of that, ___.

Because of that, ___.

Until finally ___.

2.) Give your character a “worthy opponent” and make this opposition force a transformation in your character so that they access something and become something superior to who they were.

Don’t ever HIDE or cover up your story, it has power to inspire others. The “blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony” refers to the power of God to redeem you out of a challenge. It’s how you overcome the devil.…

Weak Strong Intelligent PeopleSometimes, before you can deal with a spiritual enemy, you need to remove the legal groundwork beneath his feet. This is where repentance comes in. An act that involves accurately judging yourself and owning where you are wrong.

Here’s a trap: ”all or nothing” thinking. Suppose you are mostly right and the other person is mostly wrong? What if you are 25% at fault but they are 75% at fault? Can you do a 25% repentance and reconciliation? No.

But you can take 100% responsibility for your 25%….and this often releases the GRACE on the other person to own their 75%.

There will be other times when you need to ignore the enemy. This isn’t easy. Ever get into a…

Love MyselfEmotional Intelligence author Daniel Goleman, once used the term “feeling tone” to describe the ultimate measure of communication.

Communication involves a sender and a receiver. If you are sending accurate content but the feeling is off, your message is compromised by the feeling you mixed into it. I have often sent the wrong message when in fact I am simply not paying attention to my voice and expression at the moment I sent it. An associate of mine had a broken keyboard on their blackberry and every message was in CAPS! I always felt like I was being yelled at.

This mixed messaging happens to us more than you think. For this reason, “Self Awareness” is one of the fundamental…

Self TalkOne of the most powerful factors in personal transformation is SELF TALK! If, as the Bible states, you are “transformed by the renewing of your mind,” how you think and what you say to yourself have to both be top factors in your transformation.

So where do we begin?

First, we need AWARENESS! The mischief regarding self talk is that it is so constant we seldom are aware we are doing it. You won’t always catch it, but you can be aware of how it makes you feel. Your emotions are wired to your thoughts – they are linked into a cause and effect sequence. As Paul wrote to the Romans: “The mind that is set…

Prosper Your HandsMay the FAVOR of the Lord our God be ours.

PROSPER the work of OUR hands! (Psalm 90:17)


Before the fall, Adam was placed in a garden that was the perfect merger of communion with God and perfect work. The Garden was the territory of man’s dominion, and in this garden he walked with God in the cool of the day. Everything that Adam put his hand to became productive in his assigned territory. The environment recognized his authority and cooperated with him. He was given dominion over all forces within the sphere of this assignment. It appears that the garden was an expanding project that was meant to fill the earth with God’s glory and dominion. There were…

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